An Excel Add-in for SQL that simplifies Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning Processes


Move data from Excel to a SQL Database in both directions. Eliminate multiple spreadsheets. Reduce clutter. Collaborate. Get peace of mind.

Customer Testimonial

“XLhub is part of our strategy to make Business Intelligence central to all our business processes in order to provide a complete picture of our business performance.”

Brett Spelman Toll Mining Services Australia

Product Overview

XLhub is a Microsoft Excel add-in that extends the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to enable better reporting, collaboration and data security.

XLhub is used to improve collaboration for business processes such as forecasting, budgeting, sales reporting, project tracking, time tracking etc. With XLhub, data in spreadsheets can be saved to a central repository (hub). From the hub, the data can be retrieved into other spreadsheets or reports.


Do you have a complex data integration challenge?


Do you do have a ton of spreadsheets with critical data? Do you worry about using the wrong version of an Excel file? Do you want to implement better version control and audit trails on the valuable data in your Excel files?

We help companies simplify Excel-heavy processes such as Sales & Operations Planning, Sales Forecasting, Production Forecasting, and Budgeting. Contact us for a free consultation.


How do you use Microsoft Excel?

XLhub is an Excel addin that integrates Excel and SQL Server. Please see the table below and select the scenario that describes you …



I need to help the business secure data in Excel files and automate processes with standards-based tools.


I use Excel daily. I am looking for a better way to manage files, create reports and secure data.


My company uses Excel for many activities. I want my team analyzing data, not managing files.


I have a large amount of data in an Excel file and I want to push it into a SQL Server database.

How well do you know XLhub? View the FAQ.

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Technical Description

XLhub is a Microsoft Excel add-in for integrating Excel to SQL Server. It provides a wizard to map a table in Microsoft Excel to SQL Server. The wizard generates the SQL Statements for creating the data base tables, and also generates stored procedures for reading/writing between Excel and SQL Server. Read the profile above that best describes you.

Developing Excel Models?

Help is available for designing and developing complex Excel spreadsheet models for forecasting, budgeting, planning etc. We also have ready-to-go spreadsheet templates that you can download, customize, and turn into multi-user applications with an Excel front-end. .

Want a custom project ?

Want to finally stop emailing spreadsheets back and forth before month-end? Let us help you streamline your sales forecasting, production planning, S&OP and other Excel-driven business processes with XLhub.

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