Customer Stories

Compensation Management

A company with a dispersed workforce was using an Excel-based process for managing salary changes for its employees. Each cycle, spreadsheets would be emailed to around 100 managers. The managers would enter their salary change recommendations in their spreadsheet, and email them back to the headquarters. These incoming spreadsheets would be combined manually, the data would be analyzed, and in some cases, the managers’ recommendations would be changed.

In addition to being labor intensive, the process was prone to errors and last-minute changes were difficult to entertain. Most importantly, there was very limited traceability as to what the initial recommendation was and how it ultimately changed.

With XLhub, instead of emailing spreadsheets, the salary data is maintained in a SQL Server database. Using XLhub’s “Retrieve” function, a manager is able to retrieve the records of his or her direct reports, recommend salary changes, and push the changes back to the database. Since XLhub maintains a snapshot of each version of data that is saved, there is detailed traceability. In addition, confidential data can be protected more effectively, and consolidations and reporting have been greatly simplified.


A consulting company’s employees tracked their billable time in spreadsheets. Each week, they would email the spreadsheets to Accounting. Accounting would produce produce invoices based on the timesheet. Sometimes, Accounting requested the consultants to clarify or fix errors, and the spreadsheets would travel back and forth as email attachments.

While this process worked, the company was unable to look at overall metrics because it was very labor-intensive to consolidate the timesheet data each week for all the consultants.

The consulting company installed XLhub on each consultant’s laptop. Instead of emailing their timesheets to Accounting, the consultants imply pushed their timesheet data to the “timesheet hub” that the company had created. All timesheet line items were entered into the same SQL Server table, and invoices could be generated with ease. Since all the data was already in a single repository, the timesheet data could be analyzed in detail using pivot tables. Missing timesheets could be easily identified, and any outliers could be readily flagged.







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