How To

Learn How To Use XLhub

Learn How To Use XLhub

Each of the tutorials below will help you to set up and use the important features of XLhub.

Install SQL Server Express 2008

XLhub requires a database that it can use to consolidate and manage data. This article shows you how to set up……

Install XLhub

This article contains installation and basic configuration instructions for XLhub.

Create a Hub with XLhub

Once XLhub is installed, one of the first things you’ll want to do is create a hub….

Enable Row Level Security

While creating a hub you will need to decide the security measures you wish to put in place.

Enable Sheet Protection

While creating a hub you can limit who can edit data in the hubbed table

Save and Retrieve Data

Once your hub has been created, learn how to utilize it to manage data

Share a Hub

When you have valuable, consolidated data, it becomes important to be able to share that data with others.

Connect to a Hub

Learn how to connect XLhub to an existing hub.

Disconnect from a Hub

Learn how to disconnect XLhub from a hub.

Use Multiple Hubbed Tables

Learn how to create multiple hubbed tables in XLhub.

Create Reports Using XLhub

Learn how to create useful reports from the XLhub ribbon.

List All Hubs

Learn how to list all hubs in the database.

View Hub Structure

Learn how to view the column settings in your hubbed table.

Check for Updates

Learn how to gain access to the latest version of XLhub.

Repair or Remove XLhub

Learn how to repair XLhub and to remove XLhub from your computer.







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