Excel Consolidation

XLhub Consolidates Excel Spreadsheets

Consolidating Spreadsheets With XLhub is Easy

XLhub makes consolidating spreadsheets a simple and fast process, saving you a significant amount of time, money and effort upon first use.

Spreadsheet management is an important, if not often overlooked, part of using Excel. The ability to navigate and merge multiple spreadsheets with speed and ease is invaluable, but the problem is in native Excel it is a tedious and manual process. With XLhub, each snapshot of data is preserved and saved to a database. Consolidating all the various snapshots can be done at the click of a button.

XLhub and SQL Server Extend the Capabilities of Excel

With Excel: With Excel and XLhub:
Data is locked inside spreadsheet files Make data in spreadsheets accessible to other spreadsheets and applications
Multi-user sharing often involves time-consuming re-entry and cutting/pasting Prevent routine cutting and pasting from multiple sources
Workbooks can only be edited by one user at a time Allow simultaneous multi-user access to data
Files are duplicated excessively to track versions and to share spreadsheets between multiple users Eliminate the need to duplicate files
Changes to the data are difficult to track Add a full audit trail to your data
No version control Use versioning to roll back changes to any particular version
Security and access control are difficult to provide Add a security and access layer to Excel
In terms of time-saving devices, think of XLhub as the cotton gin of Excel. XLhub consolidates spreadsheets in a mere matter of moments what would take a person fairly familiar with Excel countless hours to do otherwise. Just as Eli Whitney believed separating cotton fibers from its seed was a task better suited to machinery, so do we believe that bringing together different spreadsheets into one fluid whole is a task better suited to computer software. Merging spreadsheets should not be as painstaking and time consuming as it currently is. And with XLhub, it isn’t.








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