About Metric-X (Software Development for Planning, Budgeting Models)


Metric-X helps companies manage and analyze their data.

Our experience intersects software development, business intelligence and quantitative methods.

Excel, Databases, Tableau, Analytics … That’s Our Sweet Spot!

Metric-X ( was founded in 2000 by Saad Shah in Michigan. Prior to starting Metric-X, Saad worked at EDS and Cambridge Technology Partners. The most enjoyable aspect of working at these companies had been taking a concept and turning into a functioning, live system. Some of us in IT find it very intrinsically rewarding to work with our clients and IT specialists to design and build a solution, and to then see our clients realize the value from the solution once it is in operation. Metric-X was founded to bring such people together and create the right working environment so that they could thrive in designing and building software solutions. Our mantra from Day One has been to keep things simple: Rapidly deliver projects that yield business value quickly.

Saad Shah has a 20-year career combining experience in quantitative methods, software development and project management to help companies implement innovative solutions.

The Metric-X team includes project managers, business analysts and software developers. We are located in Rochester, Michigan. Learn more here : Metric-X Team

At Metric-X we have a track record of helping companies use technology to succeed. We have experience in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and renewable energy sectors.

XLhub is an Excel add-in for creating a two-way connection between Microsoft Excel and the SQL Server database.