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Build Powerful Budgeting Applications With XLhub

With the XLhub Add-in, Budgeting with Excel becomes easy

The monthly budget process is a responsibility shared by just about every successful company in today’s business landscape. However, budgeting has been riddled for quite a while now by a common set of problems that are not especially unique by now, but demand attention still nonetheless. Let’s take a look at what some of those problems are, and see how XLhub addresses and fixes each. If you face one the following scenarios when using Excel to do your budgeting, XLhub has the features available to simplify things:

  • Comparison between spreadsheets is difficult; analyzing the actual numbers with what was forecasted is challenging.
  • To show last minute updates, files must be saved with a new name. This typically results in files with near duplicate names that confuse whoever else comes across it.
  • Data from several spreadsheets has to be combined manually to produce reports.
  • People waste a lot of time copying/pasting data and e-mailing.
If you encounter these or other similar problems when using Excel to do your budgeting, take a look at what XLhub can do to help mitigate or eliminate altogether the source of the problem .

XLhub Extends the Capabilities of Microsoft Excel

With Excel: With Excel and XLhub:
Department forecasts need to be consolidated each month Consolidating department forecasts only requires the click of a button
The budgeting process often involves time-consuming cutting and pasting. XLhub organizes and reorganizes data more efficiently, minimizing the amount of copying and pasting you’ll need to do
When comparing data between different spreadsheets, valuable time is wasted going back and forth between spreadsheets and, perhaps copying and pasting select areas. Data is organized to be easier to compare; or, you can choose to quickly and simply merge the different spreadsheets into one single spreadsheet for in depth analysis
Last minute changes are difficult to make and require a new e-mail to everybody involved so they have a copy of the new draft Changes go live immediately once you update a page; no need to e-mail anybody a new copy
Locating and then comparing data is difficult With XLhub, comparing data has never been made easier, and locating files is a cinch.








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