Connect to a Hub

How to Connect to a Hub


This guide describes how to connect an Excel table to an existing hub.


Users of XLhub who need to consolidate multiple files with same column structure. When a table is connected to a hubbed table users can easily view and edit information from all departments, different months, or various accounts.

Flow of Events

1. Prerequisites

  • The hub you want to connect to must already exist.
  • The table to be connected to the hub must have the same number of columns and column names as in the database. In addition, any formulas used in the tables must be the same.
  • The name of the Excel table you want to connect to the hub must be the same as the original hubbed table.
  • The table that you want to connect to the hub must be in a different Excel file than the hubbed table.

2. Define a Table
Before using XLhub, you need to transform your data into a table:

a. Open the Excel sheet with the data you want to hub.
b. Select the data you wish to create into a table. Be sure to include the column headers in your selection, as shown.
c. Once selected, click the Insert tab and in the Tables section of the ribbon, click Table. Alternatively, press CTRL+T to create a table.

d. When you have clicked Table, a dialog will appear. Be sure that the check box “My table has headers” is checked. Click OK.
Your data should now be formatted as a table and look something like this.
e. Rename the newly created table so it has the same name as the table you want to connect to. Click on Table Tools at the top of your page while your table is selected. Enter the same name in the “Table Name:” field in the upper left corner (in the Properties section of the Table Tools ribbon).

[NOTE: Use the same name table that you used for the previously hubbed table (the table you want to connect to). If the names are not the same, the wizard will not enable connection and a new hub will be created.]

3. Connect to Hub

You are now ready to connect to the hub.

a. Navigate to XLhub ribbon at the top of your screen.

b. Click Connect to Hub under the Table Management icon in the Admin tab.
NOTE : If the Create New Hub option is active the Table Name does not match the name of the table that you want to connect to.

c. Click Yes when a message appears to confirm connection to the hub.

NOTE : Before retrieving another version of the table be sure to save the newly hubbed table to the hub using the XLhub Save button.


Connection between the hub and your table is successfully established. You can now view and edit both tables in the same file using the Save and Retrieve features of XLhub.







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