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Help the business secure data in Excel files and automate processes
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What is XLhub?

  • XLhub extends the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to enable better reporting, collaboration and data security
  • It is an add-in that creates a two-way connection between Microsoft Excel and a SQL Server database
  • With XLhub, data in spreadsheets can be saved to a central repository (hub). From the hub, the data can be retrieved into other spreadsheets or reports.

IT Manager

I need to help the business secure data in Excel files and automate processes


  • Excel in the Enterprise: Coming Soon
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What Problems Does It Solve?

From an IT Manager’s perspective, XLhub solves the following problems:

  • Files clutter up the network and email system because each snapshot of the data is saved with a different file name (using “File Save As”)
  • Confidential data is exposed because permissions are hard to manage with Excel files cluttered about Inboxes, local folders and thumb drives
  • The business creates “homegrown” applications using Microsoft Excel or Access, resulting in islands of data
  • The business purchases software products that are not compliant with IT standards, and the IT department has to play gatekeeper
  • Reporting on data spread across multiple files requires manually copying/pasting data
  • It is hard to compare the contents of different files and see what changed
  • Spreadsheets with complex models become brittle due to links and references across sheets

What Can I Do With It?

  • Rapidly provide applications to the business that are based on tools you already have (Microsoft Excel, SQL Server)
  • Implement security with Active Directory (XLhub supports both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)
  • Integrate Excel into your Enterprise Architecture
  • Easily create reports from multiple spreadsheets
  • Make complex spreadsheet models maintainable and extensible
  • Reduce Excel file clutter. Each snapshot of the data can be saved to the hub instead of “File Save As” with a new file name.

What Kind of Applications Can I create Using Excel?

Do you have situations where several co-workers modify data in Excel, and then reports have to be created with the combined data? See our App Store for “ready-to-go” examples. Below are some applications that XLhub was designed for:

  • Time Tracking – Enable your employees to submit their timesheets from Excel. Automatically consolidate the submissions, create invoices, create reports, and flag exceptions
  • Sales Reporting – Track sales reports from multiple regional sales reps. Easily slice and dice the data
  • Budgeting – Create a multi-user budgeting application, preserve all versions of budgets requested and approved)

Is It Easy to Implement?

  • Yes. Benefits can be realized within hours.
  • Sample application and training videos are available on this site
  • No programming skills are required to be up and running
  • Applications built with XLhub can be highly customized with SQL knowledge (stored procedures)

Where Can I Get More Information?

  • See videos, white papers on this website
  • See our FAQ
  • Best of all, contact us by chat right now.

XLhub and SQL Server Extend the Capabilities of Excel

With Excel: With Excel and XLhub:
Data is locked inside spreadsheet files Make data in spreadsheets accessible to other spreadsheets and applications
Multi-user sharing often involves time-consuming re-entry and cutting/pasting Prevent routine cutting and pasting from multiple sources
Workbooks can only be edited by one user at a time Allow simultaneous multi-user access to data
Files are duplicated excessively to track versions and to share spreadsheets between multiple users Eliminate the need to duplicate files
Changes to the data are difficult to track Add a full audit trail to your data
No version control Use versioning to roll back changes to any particular version
Security and access control are difficult to provide Add a security and access layer to Excel

XLhub Offers Full Integration with SQL Server

XLhub is designed to fully integrate Excel with SQL Server, allowing two-way data transfer. If you depend on Excel and need to save your data to SQL Server, make XLhub your simple solution and extend the capabilities of Excel even further.







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