Known Bugs

Known Bugs in Version 3.3.0

Below are some known bugs that you should know about. We will be addressing these in future releases. Please bring to our attention any issues you encounter.

  • Underscores in column names
  • Hanging at “Define Data Types” dialog

Description of Known Bugs

1. Underscores in column names
Please don’t use the underscore character (_) in the column names in your Excel file. Hyphens and spaces are okay. This will be resolved in the next release of XLhub.

2. Hanging at “Define Data Types” dialog.
Two of our users have informed us that when creating a new hub, XLhub gets stuck at the “Define Data Types” dialog. We have not been able to reproduce this in our test machines. We think it is related to missing .NET, SQL Server or VSTO components on the PC. As of now this issue is still open.







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