Enable Row Level Security


This guide describes what the security options are available in XLhub and how to apply security to a hubbed table.


Creators of XLhub tables who want to prevent other users from accessing certain data.

Flow of Events

1. Determine what type of security you want to use.
There are two security options available to XLhub users :

  • Default Security
  • Row Level Security

NOTE : A user is identified by the User ID (either Windows or SQL Server, depending upon the authentication mode).

Default Security is appropriate if it is acceptable for all users to view each other’s data. When a user clicks “Retrieve”, all versions saved by all the other users are displayed, and any version can be Retrieved.

Row Level Security is appropriate when there is a need to prevent other users of the hub from seeing each other’s data. This may be necessary, for example, for an HR application or a Budgeting application developed using XLhub.

  • If the hub has been created with Row Level Security enabled, XLhub limits the data visible by looking up the database security privileges of the user.
  • When a user clicks “Retrieve”, only the versions previously saved by the user are displayed, and a user may retrieve any version he or she previously saved.
  • Users can be given very limited or broad privileges at the database level. We recommend that for Row Level Security, users only be granted Execute permissions on stored procedures. Select permission on tables should not be granted to most users.

2. To Enable Default Security :
Continue creating the hub following the steps outlined in the Create a Hub tutorial.

3. To Enable Row Level Security :

a. Select the Enable Row Level Security box at the bottom of the Enter Hub Details dialog box.

b. Click OK.

c. Continue creating the hub following the steps outlined in the Create a Hub tutorial.

After you have applied the desired security you can return to the Create a Hub tutorial to continue learning how to save time and energy with XLhub.







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