Excel Database

Use Excel as a Front End to a SQL Server Database

XLhub creates a two-way connection (read/write) between Excel and SQL Server Database

XLhub is an add-in that integrates Excel with a SQL Server Database. A user is able to define a table in Microsoft Excel, and then using the XLhub wizard, is able to create an equivalent SQL Server table. In addition to the database table, the XLhub add-in wizard also generates stored procedures for reading and writing data between Excel and SQL Server.

XLhub is meant to be used by the end user and does not require programming knowledge. Xlhub’s wizard driven process makes connecting to SQL simple and intuitive from the beginning. Beyond the basic benefit of connecting to SQL server more easily, XLhub also offers a variety of solutions to the following limitations one often encounters when using Excel:

  • Spreadsheets are emailed in order to share data.
  • Files are saved with a new name in order to preserve history.
  • Data from several spreadsheets has to be combined manually to produce reports
  • People spend a lot of time copying/pasting data
  • Time is wasted searching for the right file to work with
  • Overall, there is a concern that there are too many spreadsheets and that data integrity might be at risk.


I have a large amount of data in an Excel file and I want to push it into a SQL Server database.


  • 3 Ways to Export from Excel to SQL Server
  • More Coming Soon

XLhub is an Excel add-in that ties your Excel spreadsheets to a SQL Server database, converting Excel into a front end for accessing and manipulating database information.

XLhub and SQL Server Extend the Capabilities of Excel

With Excel: With Excel and XLhub:
Data is locked inside spreadsheet files Make data in spreadsheets accessible to other spreadsheets and applications
Multi-user sharing often involves time-consuming re-entry and cutting/pasting Prevent routine cutting and pasting from multiple sources
Workbooks can only be edited by one user at a time Allow simultaneous multi-user access to data
Files are duplicated excessively to track versions and to share spreadsheets between multiple users Eliminate the need to duplicate files
Changes to the data are difficult to track Add a full audit trail to your data
No version control Use versioning to roll back changes to any particular version
Security and access control are difficult to provide Add a security and access layer to Excel

XLhub Frees Your Data from Spreadsheet Files!

With XLhub’s ability to tie your spreadsheets to a database—thus converting Excel into a front end for accessing and manipulating database information—Excel becomes more robust, instantly. XLhub features all the advantages of a database without losing any of the functionality that makes Excel great, making Excel more powerful and beneficial than ever before. If you depend on Excel and are ready to maximize your productivity and go beyond Excel’s limitations, try XLhub.

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